About Linda Kay Klein

Linda Kay Klein is a writer, speaker, and spiritual strongwoman based in New York City.  She is a frequent speaker at colleges, universities, conferences and nonprofits, and has been featured by outlets such as NPR, PRN, and Feminist.com.

Linda sits sits on the advisory board of NYU’s Of Many Institute for Mulifaith Leadership, and of Feminist.com’s “Our Inner Lives” religion and spirituality project. She has worked for a number of progressive religious organizations, such as The Sister Fund and REVEAL: Young Women Defining the Divine. Linda was the assistant writer for “Testimony,” a documentary theater piece on the culture wars which was incubated by Princeton University, and a founding participant in Auburn Theological Seminary’s multifaith professive women’s thinktank.

She holds a masters degree in religious studies and creative writing from NYU, where she focused on American Evangelical sex and gender education, and a bachelor’s degree in creative writing and theater from Sarah Lawrence College. Linda is also the receipient of fellowships from A Room of Her Own Foundation and the NYU Reynolds program in social entrepreneurship.

Outside of her work on women and religion, Linda inspires and equips Millennials to cultivate lives and careers with purpose as the founding director of the Work on Purpose program at the social entrepreneurship nonprofit, Echoing Green.

Check out her TEDx talk to learn a bit more about Linda’s jouney with women & religion or follow her on Twitter @LindaKayKlein. Also keep a look out (though further down the road) for Man-Made Girls, the book she is now writing on her experience as a former evangelical Christian interviewing young evangelical and ex-evangelical women across the nation about sex and gender.

Recognize the book’s title? That’s right, this blog is about Linda’s journey writing the book, and features excerpts that may…or may not…wind up in its pages (among other related things).

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