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Body of a Saint

In my post about suffering, I wrote about feeling that I needed to prove to my evangelical Christian peers and leaders that I was good when I was younger.  Let me explain: I had changed.  Developed from a girl, into … Continue reading

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Man Up

Today my boyfriend Jimmie Briggs (on your left) spoke at the Clinton Global Initiative about the 24-country campaign to end violence against women that he co-founded and now runs called Man Up. You can watch a video about the campaign … Continue reading

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On Suffering

I am writing this post from Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City. It is not the romantic getaway I had planned for my Labor Day weekend.  At all.  In fact, let me tell you just what I had planned … Continue reading

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Interview on Women and Wellness

My friend Simone–an expert in all things women and wellness who looks fabulous in yellow–posted this interview with me on her blog today. It is all about how I (try to) maintain a sense of wellness while I (try to) … Continue reading

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Can You Get Closer to God by Having Sex?

The  young black man with an open-face and eager demeanor sat across from me on a blanket in a park in Harlem last night and smiled warmly.  The artists’ share we were both there for hadn’t started yet, and we … Continue reading

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Which photo says “Fierce, Faithful and Free” to you?

I’ve been getting a little unsolicited flak about my photo on my column lately. The gist of it is that folks say I look a little too, well, sweet.  Meek. So, my wildy talented friend Jessica Schwartz took a few new shots of me yesterday.  Which … Continue reading

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100 Extraordinary Muslim Women

The Women’s Islamic Initiative in Spirituality and Equality (WISE) is now announcing the top 100 Extraordinary Muslim Women responsible for positive, progressive change for Muslim women. These are the women to watch. And the women to remember.

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The Spice Girls

Two weeks before I was supposed to move across the country to begin Bible School, I told my parents that I might not want to be a missionary after all. Demonstrating a deep awesomeness, they almost instantly let go of … Continue reading

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Is God Eavesdropping?

This Monday, I wrote a friend an early morning email.  I am “overly ripe for re-engaging my soul-work,” I wrote him.  “So!  I’ve released my blog, launched an ongoing column at, and am now carving out time to give more support to … Continue reading

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Fierce, Faithful, and Free

My column on my journey to becoming “Fierce, Faithful, and Free” just went live on!  Check out the first article, Tenor in Heels….

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