Learn How to Move Conflicted Christian Voters to Support the Freedom to Marry

An invitation from Macky Alston, director of the incredible new documentary, Love Free or Die:

Last week, President Obama made history with a groundbreaking announcement of his support for same-sex marriage.

How did a person who for years opposed marriage equality for same-sex couples because of religious convictions change his mind? If we can understand what led President Obama to give his support, we can help others to make the leap in this critical religious and values moment.

Next week, on Tuesday, May 22nd, at 2 pm EST, join us for a webinar to learn tested and well-researched strategies to help turn religiously-motivated opponents of same-sex marriage into supporters.

Click here to RSVP for the webinar, “My Mind Was Changed”: A Primer for Moving Conflicted Christian Voters to Support the Freedom to Marry.

Based on cutting-edge research conducted by Auburn Media, in partnership with Fenton and Goodwin Simon Strategic Research, the webinar will share a new way to talk about the freedom to marry that helps conflicted Christians move through religious and emotional conflict to become more accepting of same-sex marriage.

If it worked for President Obama, perhaps it can work for you and your community, too.

Our webinar will spotlight:

• A new, more nuanced understanding of conflicted Christians • New Christian-based cultural frameworks around which to base messaging • Recommendations on story-based approaches to moving the hearts and minds of conflicted Christians • How best to use Bible Scripture when talking about same-sex marriage

Register for the “My Mind Was Changed” webinar at: http://auburnseminary.nonprofitsoapbox.com/webinarMay22. In particular, the webinar is a powerful resource for faith leaders, experts on religion, movement leaders, foundation staff and others who want to effectively make the Christian case for same-sex marriage to conflicted Christian voters, particularly in Minnesota, Maryland, Maine and Washington, which will hold same-sex ballot initiatives this election year.

Power to you, Macky

Macky Alston, Senior Director, Auburn Media

PS: Click here for a sneak peak of the research findings.

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8 Responses to Learn How to Move Conflicted Christian Voters to Support the Freedom to Marry

  1. I really appreciate your thoughtful reflections on seemingly impenetrable issues. “Love Free or Die” is a critical narrative-ostensibly about one man and one church-but ultimately taking on much larger themes of freedom, equality and love.

    • admin says:

      Thank you Jimmie! The credit goes to Macky Alston on this one, however. His portrayal of Bishop Gene Robinson in the documentary, and his subsequent campaign to engage religious communities on the issue of the freedom to marry is really something special. Thinking of doing a film screening of Love Free or Die at my place, and talking to Marble Collegiate Church about doing one as well….

      • Meta says:

        Looking forward to the weibanr, we’re about to embark on a redo of our sites, lots of disciplines to consider design, useability, clean code (css), SEO awareness, copy writing the list goes on, so hopefully will pick up some tips from you guys

      • Luka says:

        I’m impressed by your writing. Are you a professional or just very knowldegebale?

        • Linda says:

          I’d like to think that this post is not spam (fingers crossed), and so I’ll go ahead and answer this.

          “Professional” is a tricky word. I don’t get paid to write about women and religion (though I have been in the past) but I do have credentials if you will:

          - I spent three years interviewing women in their 20s who were raised in the evangelical church;
          - I received my Masters degree in religious studies and creative nonfiction writing–during which time I researched American Evangelical Christianity and the way in which it raises adolescent girls;
          -I was the Director of Communications for a foundation that specifically pitched women in the intersection of faith & feminism to the media;
          - I was the Program Officer for the same foundation and, in that role, found and funded the most powerful work being done to create gender equality in the world’s major religious traditions;
          - I consulted for a number of groups taking various approaches to creating spaces in which women can be fierce, faithful and free;
          -and, perhaps most importantly, I spent nearly a decade of my life in the evangelical Christian church between the ages of 12 and 21.

          So there you go! One part professional, one part knowledgeable.

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    • Auth says:

      Hi: I am not able to attend dunrig the day, will you offer it as an option to watch at a later time that is more convenient? I have the program, and it will help me better learn all the features that I might not be using.Thanks in advanceChris

  3. Linda says:

    Check Auburn’s website. I suspect they have a recorded copy available!

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