Update on the Book

Hi friends,

My blog pace has seriously slackened. I know. And I’m sorry about that. But the good news is that it’s for a good reason.

Is that all there is

I’m starting over on the book. Square one. No notes from the previous version, just the gut memory of the most important parts in order to create a more cohesive whole.

Which means the one day a week I used to spend blogging and pitching articles, workshops and keynote presentations on women & religion, I’ve recently spent writing a new outline of the book. It’s wild to ty to do with just one day (my work on purpose keeps me plenty busy the other six) and as a result, it’s taking up the whole day’s space. Which has left a few of my blog readers asking themselves ”Is that all there is?” when they check in of late.

So I wanted to take a moment to thank you for reading the Man-Made Girls blog, and for hanging in there while the blog’s bushes grow a little long. I promise to come trim them again soon.


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